Pompes AMR Accomplishments - Recognized in the field throughout Quebec
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The customers of Pompes AMR are numerous and one can count among these the city of Saint-Liboire where the company has set up the pumping station, the factory Bauer located in the industrial park of Granby where the air conditioning of the factory was carried out, the city of Abercorn for the city’s drinking water supply and a cooling system at the Saint-Arnaud Factory located in the industrial park of Saint-Hubert and more.


Our company grew up with an avant-garde man and a team of experienced, always anxious to satisfy their customers. Over the years they have passed on their knowledge to the next generation.


Through great achievements such as:


 The Dams LG1 and LG2

  Supply of workers ‘ refuelling stations for Hydro-Québec

  Drilling in the mines in Abitibi.


We can say that our team has the experience to solve your problems both at the residential and industrial level…


Our team, with the concern for continuous improvement, works a lot with the farmers. Together, they develop new techniques to improve water quality and also provide solutions to problems such as: coliforms, fecal and totals as well as iron, manganese, ph, etc.

pompes1-pompes AMR - Pompes AMR réalisations
pompes2-Pompes AMR - Pompes AMR réalisations
pompes3-Pompes AMR - Pompes AMR réalisations
pompes4-Pompes AMR - Pompes AMR réalisations


realisation1-pompes AMR

LaGran : We have carried out the installation of cooling systems, used for the air conditioning of the production equipments.

realisation2-pompes AMRClothing S.P. (formerly Bauer) : Our specialists have drilled wells for the plant’s power supply. We also installed the pumping station, with variable flow control, to distribute the water to the cooler.

Patates St-Arnaud : Our team has installed a cooling system to lower the water temperature of the municipal waterworks.



City of St-Liboire : We have done the complete installation of the pumping system used for the drinking water supply of the city.



City of Abercorn : We have repaired the high-speed pumping system.



Inverness Golf Club : Our expert team has carried out numerous boreholes to feed the lakes that serve the irrigation system.